Nursery School

We have a Nursery which caters for a total of 32 children from 3 years of age on a part time basis.

There are two part-time sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon; we can offer flexible arrangements on request. Fully trained and appropriately qualified staff deliver the Nursery education following the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

Nursery Organisation

The nursery is well equipped and organised into different areas. Equipment, resources and materials are accessible to the children, and they are encouraged to get things out for themselves as well as helping to tidy up. The children have opportunities to initiate their own learning, work independently or with others and to work with the supporting adults.

Admission to Nursery

Children’s names can be registered for the nursery with the school office on or after the child’s second birthday. Admission to the Nursery is undertaken by the school following the Nursery Admission Policy and the award of a place DOES NOT GUARANTEE a place in the mainstream school for the following Reception year – admission to the main school follows the School Admission Policy and is a process controlled by Norfolk County Council.

Starting Nursery

Before your child starts nursery you will be given an appointment to come in and meet the nursery leader. The children start nursery in small groups which enables the staff to support each child as an individual and quickly establish routines and high expectations of good behaviour.

Behaviour in the Nursery

The school’s Behaviour Policy also applies to the Nursery children, staff and parents. It describes how we expect people to behave and what the consequences are when expectations are not met.

Attendance in Nursery

Although Nursery attendance is not statutory, once you have accepted a place in Nursery we expect good attendance and for children to be brought to school and collected from school on time. The school attendance policy also applies to the Nursery and if your child’s attendance falls to 85% or less over a specified period of time, your child’s place in Nursery may be withdrawn and reallocated to another child on the waiting list.

Mid-session snack in Nursery

The children in Nursery are provided with a free snack of milk and fruit during each session.

Personal Hygiene

ALL children who start Nursery (or Reception) are expected to be able to go to the toilet themselves and have a suitable level of independence in hygiene, including understanding the need for hand washing. Children who are still in nappies will not normally be admitted, unless there is a documented medical issue.