Summary of key findings for parents and pupils 2018

Overall effectiveness - Good

- The Headteacher and Assistant Headteacher lead by example. They are passionate about improving the lives of pupils. Staff, many of whom are new to the school, are very proud to work at St George’s.

- Children in early years get off to a flying start, often from low starting points, and make good progress. They enjoy a wide range of wellplanned, motivating activities that interest and challenge them in different areas of learning.

- Many members of the governing body are new to their roles. They are committed to ensuring that pupils receive the best education that they can. They welcome the support from the local authority in guiding them in how to challenge leaders even more effectively.

- Relationships between adults and pupils are very effective. Pupils are proud of their school. Parents appreciate the considerable work that leaders do to support their families and keep their children safe. However, some pupils do not attend school as regularly as they should.

- The quality of teaching and learning across the school is typically good. A minority of teachers, however, do not plan learning that matches pupils’ needs or challenges them. Nor do they routinely provide pupils with guidance about how to improve their work, or address misconceptions in mathematics quickly enough.

- Pupils’ behaviour in lessons and conduct around the school are typically good. Pupils are friendly, respectful of each other and well mannered. Where learning is not well matched to pupils’ needs in some classes, pupils’ learning behaviours are not always good.

- Middle leaders, many of whom are new, have a good understanding of their roles and the need to improve pupils’ attainment. However, they have not yet had time to see the impact of their actions.

- Although slowly improving, pupils’ attainment at the end of key stages for some years has been below the national average in reading, writing and mathematics. Not enough pupils, from a variety of starting points, are catching up quickly enough, particularly in mathematics.

Latest Ofsted Report: Good