Learning Outside The Classroom

Use the links below to find out about some of the learning year 6 have participated in outside of the classroom.

Norwich Forum and Playhouse Theatre

Year 6 had a brilliant time in Norwich exploring the library in The Forum, the local area, and finding out what happens behind-the-scenes of a performance at The Playhouse Theatre. They even enjoyed a 3 course meal, as part of cultural capital.


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The Tolhouse 6S

As part of our concept, Success, we looked at the history behind Crime and Punishment, and how successful (or unsuccessful) some punishments were.  We visited the Tolhouse to discover how crime was punished in the Victorian era.  

The children were able to experience being in one of the small cells, and other punishments such as the stocks.  We were also able to meet one of the inmates, Charles, who had served one month of his 6 month sentence.  He explained that he had stolen a loaf of bread because his family were hungry.  We were shocked by the harsh sentences that could be given as punishments.  




12th May 2023

Following our hard work during SATs week, Year 6 enjoyed a well deserved afternoon of bowling.  


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