Year 6

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Miss Sanderson 

Class Teacher

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Mrs Thornton

Learning Support Assistant

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Miss Warren

Learning Support Assistant

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Mr Wilson

Learning Support Assistant



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Miss Meadows

Learning Support Assistant

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Mrs Eckles

Class Teacher

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Mrs Khanna

Teaching Assistant

The concept we will be learning the curriculum through this year is ‘Success ’. Our aims are: 

  • To identify what it means to be successful
  • To see our own worth and value our successes
  • To develop successful self regulation skills 
  • To show empathy and understanding of others 

This will include the success of early pioneers in Science; comparing and contrasting land use in local area; investigating whether we can successfully change land use in the area to support targets on climate change in Geography; the successes of past monarchs and how we can learn from these in History; observing the successes of artists and composers in Art and Music.

The adults supporting our learning will be Mrs Sanderson, Mrs Eckles, Mrs Khanna, Miss Butt, Mrs Thornton, Miss Warren, Mr Wilson and Miss Meadows.

Our PE days are Mondays and Fridays. Please ensure your child has the correct labelled clothing in school on these days. For safety reasons, children are permitted to bring a roll-on deodorant but no aerosol sprays to protect people, for example: those with asthma. Remember, jewellery is not to be worn during the lesson and children will need to remove it independently. 

The children are still expected to read every night. This is so important as this helps their reading, writing and understanding  of the world.

If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to come and talk to us. This can be done either by arranging an appointment after school or if necessary, an appointment can be made that day.

We really look forward to the year ahead and hope it is a successful year for us all!