Year 1

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Mrs Brooks

Class Teacher

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Mrs Catchpole

Teaching Assistant

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Mrs Roe

Learning Support Assistant

Welcome to Year 1,

This academic year is very exciting as we will be moving to concept based teaching which enables transferable knowledge and skills across subjects. Our first concept will be ‘Life’ and we will basing our learning around our central enquiry question ‘Is success the most important thing in life?’ To begin, children will explore and learn about the meaning of success and how we can achieve success by discussing moments that we ourselves have achieved. This concept will interweave with other subjects across the Key Stage One National Curriculum.

The Year 1 class staff are:

Teacher: Mrs Brooks

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Catchpole

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Roe

We value parental partnership and the contributions made in developing the education of young people, we believe parents / carers play a very important part in their child’s education. Please read with your child at least 3 times each week and sign their reading record.  We recommend that children spend between ten and twenty minutes each day reading at home with an adult. If your child has difficulty completing the schools expectations of  reading, please talk to me for support and advice.

Lastly, P.E. kits are required on a Monday and Friday. For safety reasons, children will need earrings to be removed on these days. All items of clothing will need to be labelled. Please could I ask that you provide your child with a bottle of water that has their name clearly written on. The children will have access to their bottles during the day and these will be sent home daily to be washed and refilled.

If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to come and talk to us. This can be done either by arranging an appointment after school or if necessary, an appointment can be made that day.

Dates to remember:
Monday & Friday – PE

Three times a week – Reading and practising ten, five and two times tables.

Applied Learning

February 2023

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February 2023 - Applied Learning

It has been a very exciting week in Year 1! We have started working through a new style of learning in the afternoons. We have called this approach 'Applied Learning', which means that the children have applied the learning that has been taught to a selection of carefully chosen activities that support the use of this learning independently.

We have looked carefully this week at the lives of the following animal groups: birds, fish, mammals and amphibians. The children have learnt to confidently identify the animals in these groups and are keen to convince others.

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March 2023

We have had an exciting week in Year 1 with a trip to Great Yarmouth library to visit a storyteller. She told us stories and we also joined in with sound effects.  We have used digimaps to map our route to the library and identify local landmarks as this was a fantastic opportunity to practise using our field work skills. 

(Pictures to follow)

Musical Performance

March 2023

We have finished this term on a high note! The children have worked particularly hard on their performance piece and as a result they were very successful. They played to a beat: 

Hot Cross Buns X


Easter Chocolate

This is incredibly difficult to do when playing together but the children played beautifully.  This is a skill that we have needed to persevere with as it was the first time many of the children had used the samba instruments.